Holiday House Management
See below for the services that we offer
Regular Visits
Indoor Maintenance

We take great care of your home in order to guarantee its cleanliness throughout the year.

  • We visit the property to make sure everything is fine.
  • Monitoring of facilities
  • We start or stop the electricity, water, fridge, heating and all household appliances
  • We make sure that all your facilities are working properly
  • We manage any unforeseen events and malfunctions on the part of your equipment and facilities
  • Visit in case of bad weather
  • After a local weather red alert event, we ensure the integrity of your property
  • We take the greatest care of the interior of your residence in order to guarantee its cleanliness throughout the year.

    Winterisation of the property
  • When you leave, we prepare your property for the winter (drain the water, turn off the electricity, etc)
  • Eco-responsible housekeeping
  • We clean the interior of your property from top to bottom using environmentally friendly products
  • Bedding maintenance
  • We take care of washing your bedding after your departure
  • Furnitures and Accessories
  • We supervise the reception and installation of furniture and accessories following your purchases
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    Outdoor Maintenance
    Car Maintenance

    Enjoy the outdoors you've always wanted thanks to our regular maintenance.

    Garden Maintenance
  • Un partenaire se charge de l’élagage et taille de votre jardin
    We ensure that your lawn is mowed and hedges trimmed.
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Nous nous chargeons du nettoyage de votre piscine.
    Un partenaire s’occupe de l’entretien et de la maintenance de votre piscine
  • Mise en place / Rangement Salon de Jardin
  • Avant votre arrivée, nous installons votre mobilier extérieur
    After your departure, we will store your garden furniture in the designated area
  • Terrace cleaning
  • Nous nous occupons du nettoyage de votre terrasse
  • We offer a vehicle maintenance program to keep your vehicles in top condition

    General Maintenance
  • We ensure that your vehicle's battery is kept charged
    We ensure that your vehicle's tyre pressure is maintained
    We regularly start your vehicle
  • Inspection
  • We bring your vehicle to the garage for servicing
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    Work Check-Ups
    Technical & Admin Assistance

    Don't push your renovations or house improvements to tomorrow, we supervise tradesmen and workers while you are away.

  • We put you in touch with trusted craftsmen whose skills are adapted to your project
  • Supervision
  • We visit the property and inspect the work to ensure that the work is carried out correctly
  • Reporting
  • We provide you with a follow-up and reports of the work carried out in your second home
  • Let us assist you with your time consuming technical and admin tasks!

    Admin Assistance
  • We take of forwarding your email, wherever you are.
  • Orders
  • We take care of your heating Fuel orders
  • We take care of your Wood orders
  • We take care of your Gas orders
  • Waste Management
  • Planning and removal of large waste
  • We take care of the maintenance of your septic tank
  • We take care of sweeping your chimney prior to winter
  • Tips
  • We can put you in touch with local food caterers, providing quality local products
  • We can suggest activities that will match your taste
  • We can share local knowledge about your area, including the best local restaurants as well as local markets and much more